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Wood Blinds Delray Beach

Wood Blinds Delray Beach

Choosing the perfect fit in a form of window treatment can change the entire look of your home. There are different forms of window treatment but blinds can change the ambiance of your room in a way that will mesmerize your guests. In this regard, wooden blinds are the most popular choice for decades. At Allkindsofblinds you can get wooden blinds that are a piece of investment for your house.

Review Of Our Wooden Blinds In Delray Beach

Features Of Our Wooden Blinds:

  • Our wooden blinds are solid and opaque, so when close they protect you and your house from spying eyes, maintaining your privacy.
  • Wood being incredibly insulant, our wooden blinds enable you to keep heat in winter keeping your home warm and cozy. And in summer wooden blinds keep the heat outside.
  • Our wooden blind features durability and are long-lasting. They can be used for many years without the need for maintenance or becoming damaged.
  • They deliver stylish, elegant luxurious looks.
  • Good for practical use.
  • They are versatile and easy to clean. If you keep dusting every week it will keep grime always making them look good as new.
  • Our wooden blinds can be adjusted according to your light preference. For full light, you can keep them open and with the help of a cord, you can block the light.

Designs Of Our Wooden Blinds:

Our wooden blinds are made in a way that can complement any decor or style. Several design options are

With Or Without Tapes: Our wooden blinds come with tape or without tapes. With tape are in trend. These embellishing tapes soften the look of the blind and the fabric texture make the blind match furnishings better. To complement better you can choose colors from a wide range such as alabaster, dove grey, and dark grey, deep browns, noirs, and white. On the other hand, our no-tape wood blinds are also in very much demand They are easy to clean and some people find them more hygienic if installed in the kitchen. For a contemporary, look no tapes blind suits well.

35mm Or 50mm Slats: Wooden blinds are standard size. 50mm blinds mean fewer slats, this allows more light to penetrate when closed. So better for lightroom While 35mm is preferred for windows with narrow recesses. Fewer slats keep room towards the darker side, so best suited for bedrooms and sunrooms.

Real Or Faux Wood:

Real Wood:

  • Real wood is made up of hardwood which includes light oak, cherry, basswood, and walnut.
  • Most preferred by the interior designer as it offers delicate elegance.
  • Most suitable dining and tv lounges.
  • Read wood blinds are comparatively more expensive due to the aesthetic look that they deliver.

Faux Wood:

  • Faux wood blinds are made up of PVC.
  • More practical because of the heavier, firmer, and water-resistant features.
  • Better suited for high-intensity rooms such as bathrooms, kitchen conservatories.

Inside Or Outside Mount: The way blinds are fitted whether it is fitted within the window or in front of it. This is termed as inside or outside mount. Inside recess blinds are more widespread as they can be twinned with a curtain. The outside mount is bigger and therefore more expensive.

Whichever style or design you choose it is important to consider the cost, benefits, and the type of look you want to adhere to. For our ecologically wood blinds, blackout shades, silhouette window shading, solar screen shades, and sliding panel contact us and get instant free quotes and custom fitting.

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Wood Blinds Delray Beach
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