Types of ball mill liners

Types of ball mill liners

Dyson Corp. is an industrial company that specializes in forging and cuttings, bolts, nuts, and fasteners. Our major projects are bridges on major roads, military and marine needs, mining structures and oil and gas sectors. But apart from the products mentioned above, we also manufacture different types of ball mill liners customized and specialized to cater to the needs of our customers. We use top quality materials in producing these liners engineered carefully to comply with the government’s requirements.

Our experience brought us to strive more in developing new products. We continue to develop products to keep up the ever-changing demand of the market as well as the safety of our clients.

Mill Liner and Its Purpose

Our mill liners’ purpose is very crucial, and if unreliable materials are used or not correctly installed, it can jeopardize the safety of anyone or your entire business.

For instance, rubber liners are topped sealers. Using liners or sealers can ensure continuous production without any fear of leakage.

One of the purposes of the liners is to absorb the impact of the milling movement. With the presence of the liners, it decreases the shock, thus causes less or no damage to your ball mill.

The production is more promising as it multiplies the grinding or milling activity. Using our ball mall liner, the machine is intact, with less penetration on the bolts and nuts. If other elements keep on infiltrating your miller because of unreliable liners, your working hours are also affected.

Easier maintenance and replacement. Our liners are all designed to be easily removed and replaced inside the ball mill.

As we design our different types of ball mill liners, we ensure that this will perfectly match your machine. We want to make sure that your machine will fully function with our liners.

Our mill liners are noise-free. If you hear unusual noise during milling, then something may be wrong with the machine. But our own liners are silent workers. No unsafe and distracting sound because the liners fit precisely with the mills.

Longer Mill Life, Higher Profit

Our liners are also tested to withstand the acidity level of different elements that may be present in the milling process. Longer milling life to your machine means fewer expenses and more profit or income to your company.

Diesel can also be an issue. With the rubber formulated liners attached to your millers, it will not intervene with the grinding process, and thus, you are saving a lot of money with the maintenance.

Wear Out Ball Mill Liners

To give our customers peace of mind, as you purchase liners from us, we will provide you the expected life duration of your liners. This will depend on your type of milling business, the number of grinding hours in a day and other factors that may affect the quality of your machine.

Entrust your business to the experienced team. Get in touch with us by getting a free quote from our website. Our team will get back to you with our advice and recommendations.

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Types of ball mill liners
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