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Production Machining

Production Machining

Production machining requires a commitment to detail and dedication to craft that provides results nearly every time. PDQ helps manufacturers reach their full potential without worrying about the basics.

High Demand CNC Manufacturing and Cutting

Manufacturing and cutting, especially metalwork, is an intensive process utilizing highly specialized machines and tools. An attention to detail is required to avoid slight errors that lead to rejected products.

Gaining access to the most cutting edge technologies and capabilities allows your business to thrive. Indexable inserts of the highest quality, hydraulic pumps, workholding devices, and flexible pallets are all part of intense manufacturing environments.

Tools for Production Machining

From base to cutting equipment, your tools make a world of difference. Workholding ensures that your components hardly move, even under the most intense cuts.

Versatile pallets hold a variety of different machines for almost any cut, allowing you to switch out equipment as needed. Simple flexibility and extensibility translate to seamless transitions between processes.

Indexable cutting tools provide lasting return on investment. You can easily keep your production line from coming to a stand still when your edges need sharpening. 

Obtaining the Best Technology

Finding the best technologies requires having a partner that can work with you to find the best solutions. CNC and machining consultants should have the skills and experience required to keep you from losing your competitive edge.

PDQ consultants help clients from design to installation. Our highly skilled engineers apply their experience to every problem, crafting optimal solutions.

Custom Tool Manufacturing

The most intricate designs require more than a catalog-based solution. Custom tools improve precision and accuracy. Every edge is machined to perfection, allowing your lathe or mill to slice effortlessly through the toughest metals.

Our team can help you eliminate problems before they start, crafting the best solutions for your company. Obtain inserts and other cutting tools from our proven team.

Independent Machine Shop

At PDQ, we pride ourselves in the products we create and sell. Whether you are in the market for an off-the-shelf solution or are looking to save up to 25 percent over maintaining your own tool shop, we want you to be satisfied.

Our company regularly invests in top of the line equipment for CNC milling and machining. This gives our customers the ability to stay ahead of the game.

Cost of Cutting Tools

Cost is an important part of planning. We understand that budgets are tight even without a recession. The cost of a lathe or machine alone runs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Therefore, we offer potential customers a free quote. Guesswork should never be part of the equation.

Production Machining

Production machining is an art with tight margins and customers to satisfy. You need a partner who understands and can work with your needs. From blueprint to factory floor, every part matters.

PDQ provides every customer with a team of skilled engineers who produce high quality cutting tools for a living. Visit us online, call, and request a free quote today.

Production Machining

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