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Polycarbonate Lense Manufacturer

Polycarbonate Lense Manufacturer

Apollo Optical Systems provide remarkable and efficient optics solutions for many industries. We specialize in Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) and injection molding of polymer optics in prototype and production volumes For this, we have amazing and up-to-mark in-house facilities for optical and mechanical design. Moreover, we have impressive single-point diamond turning facilities, polymer injection molding facilities, a vast optical metrology laboratory, and a lot more.

We provide various services for our client comprising optical/mechanical design and engineering, Single Point Diamond Turned Optics, polymer injection molding, optical system assembly, and extensive metrology and testing. Our years of experience have made us capable enough to produce wonderful lens design and manufacturing of Diffractive and refractive optics.

Overview Of Our Company And Relevant Services

Metrology and Testing:

For the proper and efficient working of the optics, it is necessary to supervise and check the quality. For this purpose, Apollo Optical Systems has the right and adequate metrology equipment which is useful to measure and be sure of the optical parameter. Our specialized vast range of advanced metrology equipment gives us the benefit of thoroughly checking the optics. Zeiss Contura G2 Coordinate Measuring System (CMM), Form TalySurf System, and Strainoptics Polarimeter System are some of the examples.

Single Point Diamond Turning:

Our AOS center specializes in AOS’s Single-Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) which creates exemplary, improved, and optical surface finishes and enables compatible performance in plastic and metals. At this time, we comprise three Single Point Diamond Turning lathes. Conics, Diffractive, Fresnel, Toroidal, Aspheric, Spheres, Plano are some types of optical surfaces that we are efficient enough of machining. It's due to our comprehensive know-how and years of experience in optical design and metrology which give us the benefit of allowing us to conduct complete characterization of all our SPDT optical components and molding inserts.

Optical Diffusers:

Thanks to the up-to-date technology developed by RPC Photonics which allows our optical diffusers to deliver exemplary performance and strengthened capabilities. This makes us an undivided injection molder for RPC Photonics Engineered Diffusers.™ Some of the sample applications where Engineered Diffusers are used comprise are true recognition, Controlled illumination, LED flashlights and streetlights, Aircraft lighting, for 3D imaging and sensing, Architectural LED lighting, Front and rear projection screens, Displays, for High-power projectors.

Evaporative Coatings

Another exclusive service is the evaporative coating as we possess in-house house coating abilities that best meet your requirements. We specialize in coating polymer optics that are Single Point Diamond Turned or injection molded in-house. As we care for you, we not only save your time and money by designing and building all of our coating fixtures in-house. We serve evaporative coating for Medical, Virtual Reality, Head-mounted Displays, Augmented Reality, Automobile, Telecommunications, Biometrics, Commercial, Machine Vision, Lighting, Security, Imaging, and Scanning industries.

So you can always rely on the Apollo optical system for being the best polycarbonate lens supplier. From the beginning till the end we assure you quality work as we closely work with our customers and meet their needs in the best possible way. We have a wide range of polycarbonate lenses, polycarbonate lens products, and polycarbonate glasses. Explore our custom optics at


Polycarbonate Lense Manufacturer
Apollo Optical Systems
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Polycarbonate Lense Manufacturer
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