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granite countertops in Pompano Beach

Selecting Your Granite

Why Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops have always been the epitome of kitchen and bath luxury for generations. At Xtreme Countertops, our granite countertops in Pompano Beach are renowned for their robust nature, resistance to heat and scratches, and each piece's unique elegance. A granite countertop isn't just a functional surface; it's a piece of Earth's history, adding depth and a natural element to your space that's as old as time itself.

Natural Beauty

Each slab of granite tells a story of eons past, with intricate patterns and colors that cannot be replicated. This unique quality ensures that no two granite countertops in Pompano Beach are exactly alike, allowing for a truly personalized kitchen or bathroom.


Known for its hardness, granite stands up to the test of daily kitchen challenges. It's resistant to heat, meaning that hot pots and pans can be placed directly on the surface without fear of damage. This makes granite countertops in Pompano Beach not just a visually appealing option but a practical one too.

Selecting Your Granite

Choosing the right granite countertop for your project can feel like a daunting task, but at Xtreme Countertops, we walk you through every step of the process. From color to grain, each choice reflects your personal style and the ambiance you wish to create in your space.

Color and Pattern

The color and pattern of the granite play a pivotal role in the overall appearance of your countertop. Whether you prefer subtle, neutral tones or bold, dramatic patterns, there's a granite slab waiting to transform your vision into reality.

Finish Options

Granite finishes can dramatically alter the look and feel of your countertops. From polished to honed or leathered, each finish offers a different texture and aesthetic. We help guide you in selecting the best finish to complement your design scheme.

Our Process

At Xtreme Countertops, our hands-on approach sets us apart. We guide you from selection through installation, ensuring a seamless process that transforms your space with minimal disruption.

Selection and Customization

Our showroom in Fort Lauderdale boasts an extensive collection of granite slabs. Here, you can view and select the perfect piece for your project, benefiting from our team's expert guidance. Customization goes beyond mere selection; we discuss every detail, from edge profiles to backsplashes, ensuring your granite countertops in Pompano Beach are uniquely yours.

Precision Fabrication

Once selected, your granite slab enters the skilled hands of our fabricators. Using state-of-the-art technology combined with traditional craftsmanship, we cut, polish, and perfect each countertop to your specifications. Our attention to detail ensures your countertops not only look stunning but fit precisely.

Professional Installation

The final step in our process involves the careful installation of your granite countertops in Pompano Beach. Our installation team treats your home with respect, ensuring a swift and efficient installation that minimizes inconvenience. Upon completion, what remains is a breathtaking transformation that elevates your space.

Care and Maintenance

Granite countertops are remarkably low maintenance, but a few simple practices can ensure they remain beautiful for years to come.

Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is usually sufficient to keep your countertops looking their best. While granite is resistant to stains, spills should be wiped up promptly to prevent potential discoloration. Although granite is hard and resistant, we recommend using cutting boards to protect both your knives and countertops. Lastly, periodic resealing will help maintain your granite's pristine condition and resistance to moisture.

Why Xtreme Countertops?

Choosing Xtreme Countertops means not just selecting a service provider but a partner in your renovation journey. With nearly two decades of experience, our team is passionate about delivering not just granite countertops in Pompano Beach but a comprehensive service that respects your vision, budget, and time.

Our direct approach eliminates middlemen, ensuring clarity and honesty throughout your project. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we strive to make each project a seamless, enjoyable experience. By choosing Xtreme Countertops, you're not just investing in granite countertops in Pompano Beach; you're choosing a dedicated team committed to bringing your dream space to life.

  • Local expertise: Based in Fort Lauderdale, our knowledge of the Pompano Beach area ensures a tailored service that understands local tastes and styles.
  • In-house fabrication and installation: Controlling the entire process allows for higher quality standards and a more cohesive project outcome.
  • Customized solutions: We recognize that every project is unique. Our team works closely with you to ensure your granite countertops in Pompano Beach reflect your individual needs and preferences.


Granite countertops in Pompano Beach offer not just a durable, functional surface for your kitchen or bathroom but a piece of natural art that enhances the beauty of your home. At Xtreme Countertops, we're committed to providing our customers with superior quality, craftsmanship, and service. Let us help you turn your vision into reality with granite countertops that blend seamlessly with your design, enhancing the overall look and feel of your space.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist in transforming your space with the beauty and elegance of granite countertops in Pompano Beach. Let's embark on this journey together, creating spaces that inspire, delight, and stand the test of time.

Why Xtreme Countertops?

Why Should I Choose Granite Over Other Materials for My Countertops?

Choosing granite for your countertops in a place like Pompano Beach comes down to a blend of aesthetics, durability, and uniqueness. Granite, as a natural stone, brings an unparalleled beauty to your space - its intricate patterns and colors can't be exactly replicated, ensuring your kitchen or bathroom has a personalized look. Additionally, granite's resilience to heat and scratches makes it an ideal choice for a bustling kitchen. Every piece of granite is a slice of Earth's history, adding not just function but a story to your home. Imagine setting down a hot pan without a worry or marveling at a pattern that's millions of years old. This combination of practicality and beauty is hard to find in other materials.

How Do I Select the Right Granite Slab for My Project?

When it comes to selecting the perfect granite slab for your project, think of it as an art. At Xtreme Countertops, we believe in personalizing this experience. It's not just about picking a slab; it's about finding the piece that speaks to you. Take into consideration the overall color scheme of your space and how the colors and patterns of the granite might complement or contrast it. We also discuss finishes, because the texture--be it polished, honed, or leathered--can significantly affect the slab's look and feel. Our showroom in Fort Lauderdale is the perfect place to start this journey. By viewing the slabs in person and discussing your vision with our team, you'll find that selecting the right granite becomes an enjoyable discovery process.

What Sets Xtreme Countertops Apart in the World of Granite Countertops?

At Xtreme Countertops, what sets us apart is our full-circle approach and dedication to craftsmanship. Unlike others, we manage both the fabrication and installation processes in-house. This not only ensures quality control but also fosters a seamless transition from the stone you select to the finished installation. Our team has honed its skill over nearly two decades, resulting in countertops that not only look stunning but fit perfectly. Imagine your granite countertops having smooth, flawlessly aligned seams that are barely noticeable - that's the level of detail we aim for. Furthermore, being based in Fort Lauderdale, we have a deep understanding of local styles and preferences, making us a more informed choice for residents of Pompano Beach and beyond. It's not just about installing a countertop; it's about bringing your vision to life with precision and passion.

How Should I Care for My Granite Countertops?

Caring for granite countertops is simpler than you might think. Due to granite's durability, basic maintenance can keep it looking pristine. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is generally all that's needed. However, it's good practice to wipe up spills promptly to prevent potential staining. While granite is resistant to most damage, we recommend using cutting boards to safeguard both your countertops and your knives. Periodic resealing can also extend the lifespan and beauty of your granite, ensuring it remains resistant to moisture and stains. It's these small habits that can keep your granite countertops not only functional but also beautiful for years to come.

Why Does Local Expertise Matter When Choosing a Countertop Provider?

Choosing a local expert like Xtreme Countertops for your granite needs in Pompano Beach offers numerous advantages. Firstly, our familiarity with the local climate, styles, and tastes ensures that your project complements your home and the broader community aesthetic. Our Fort Lauderdale base means we're readily available for consultations, selections, and follow-ups, making the process smoother and more personal. Additionally, our in-house control over fabrication and installation aligns with the highest quality standards and cohesive project outcomes. Local expertise extends beyond providing a product; it's about offering a service that deeply understands and respects the local context of your project.


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